Health care organizations continually face challenges from various
August 24, 2018
Examine the “Appendix: Root Cause Analysis Tool,” presented on pages 182–186 of Foundations in Patient Safety for Health Professionals
August 24, 2018

Why did the physician order both a urinalysis and a blood glucose test?

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Case Study ► Peter Smith is a 73-year-old male with mild Type 2 diabetes. He states that he has needed to urinate more frequently during the last 2 weeks, and he feels a burning sensation when he urinates. He has also been very tired lately. Based on the vital signs you measured and Peter’s current complaints, the physician ordered a fasting blood glucose and a urinalysis.

What is the likely diagnosis for Mr. Smith?

Why did the physician order both a urinalysis and a blood glucose test?

Why might Mr. Smith’s vital signs show that his temperature is slightly elevated?

Based on the laboratory test results, the physician prescribed an antibiotic for Mr. Smith. What can you advise Mr. Smith to do in addition to taking the antibiotic as prescribed?

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