Foundation of the Role of the Nurse Practitioner as Prescriber Legal and Professional Issues in Prescribing.


Respond to the following:

1)     Describe the importance of knowing the specific laws in your state pertaining to NP prescribing and support your statement with at least 1 scholarly reference*

2)     Discuss NP practice in your current state Ohio state, being sure to address:

a) Level of NP prescribing autonomy

b) Specific laws related to NP prescribing

c) Process of obtaining prescriptive authority and requirements for renewal

d) Include a reference for your research

3)     Compare and contrast the same criteria as identified in #2 with one other state (besides your own) of your choice.* Textbooks, non-US journals, nursing journals not intended for advanced practice providers or websites are not considered scholarly. ^ State specific websites from regulatory boards are acceptable

peer-reviewed scholarly sources within 5 years.