Essential Characteristics of Patient-Centered Care in Professional Nursing

Nursing homework help

The Professional Paper will contain 500-600 words of content (introduction, body, and conclusion).

The topic of your paper is Patient-centered Care. This will also be the title of your paper.

Your Hood textbook will be one of the two resources for your paper

Mechanics of the Professional Paper include:

Times New Roman size 12 typeface (font) double spaced with 1-inch margins

No abstract

Correct APA format

Correct spelling, apostrophe use, grammar, punctuation, paragraphing, and sentence structure

Contents must include Title Page, body of the paper (500-600 words including Introduction, two Main Points and subpoints from your Professional Paper Worksheet outline including revisions suggested by instructor, and Conclusion), and References page.

Two Main Points and Conclusion should be Level 1 headings. No Level 2 headings are needed for this short paper.

References should only include your Hood textbook and the assigned article found here: O’Shea, F., Weathers, E., McCarthy, G. (2014). Family care experiences in nursing home facilities. Nursing Older People, 26(2), 26-31.


• Paper topic is Patient-Centered Care

• definition of topic in relation to professional nursing

Essential Characteristics of Patient-Centered Care in Professional Nursing (first main topic)

• first subtopic

• second subtopic

Patient- and Family-Centered Care in a Nursing Home Setting (second main topic)

• first subtopic

• second subtopic


• summary statement

• concluding statement

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