Your group has been hired by an advertising firm (solution attached)

Your group has been hired by an advertising firm that is developing a series of commercials for family-oriented products geared toward the entire family. They want to develop a series of commercials that will target family members at various life stages. Your group needs to thoroughly describe Erikson’s theory of Psychosocial development. In your description of each stage, identify and analyze a television, movie, or literary character for each stage of the theory. Discuss how that character typifies the stage and how the character is resolving the conflict. The marketing firm will use this information as they develop commercials targeting each developmental stage. Finally, provide a review of three recent studies relating to Erikson’s theory of development from the list below.

The advertising firm has requested that you submit a 4 to 5 page report summarizing your research in this area. Therefore, your group should submit one combined Word document that conforms to the following directions:

·         Give a description of Erikson’s theory, including the stages of development using the criteria listed above.

·         Identify a character at each stage.

·         Choose three of the following studies found in the Library.

·         For each one you choose, describe the study and discuss how it supports or does not support the information you have written in your report about Erikson.  Specifically:

o    Which particular aspects of the theory does the study examine?

o    Do the experimental or discussion results strengthen or weaken the theory and your ideas?  Why?

o    Do you agree or disagree with the conclusions?  Why or why not?






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