SCI214 Week 3 Lab Problems

Data Table (28 points)

Complete the following table and use the information to answer the postlab questions. Turn on the grids so you can set your test charges. If you click ‘Pause’ you can set your test charge and read the potential and the field energy.If you click on step you can read the velocity and the kinetic and potential energy at that point on the grid. Repeated clicking of the step button will move the test charge to the next grid point.


Data Analysis (3 questions-4 points per question)

How would you interpret the above results in light of the following questions?Make sure to use the data to make your point.

Question 1: Based upon your data, what happens to potential and the electric field as you move the test charges closer to the fixed charge?

Question 2: Based upon your data, what kinds of changes do you see in the velocities, kinetic energies, potential energies and total energies of the test particles once you start the simulations?

Question 3: Is there relationship between the charge of the test particle and its velocity as it moves away from or toward the fixed charge?


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