Sanitizer Marketing Plan (attached)

Week 3 Build Your Own Marketing Plan Target market analysis identifies exactly who your company will target. Target markets are typically identified by demographic, psychographic, geographic or behavioral dimensions. Some companies will focus on several target markets which can be identified at TM1, TM2, etc. Market product grid is visually constructed (graph or chart) correlating the target market identified in week 3 and the product attributes described in week 2. BUSN319 Week 4 Marketing Plan Rubric Product Strategy Possible Points Earned Points Product: Described features of the product/service. 3 Product competitive advantage: Differentiated product/service from the competition and discussed new product ideas. 6 Life Cycle: Analyzed stage in product life cycle 2 Brand: Identified marketing mix and branding opportunities 2 Packaging: Described optimal packaging techniques 2 Grammar, solid academic writing style, spelling and minimum length of 2 pages 2 Reference page included 3 TOTAL 20 Pricing strategy should look identify below-the-market, at-the-market or above-the-market strategies. Effective pricing will discuss how this company can be financially solvent based upon their proposed pricing strategies. Distribution channel describes how the product/service will travel from the manufacturer to the consumer. Include distributors, wholesalers, retailers, etc. A visual chart can be helpful. Facilities: Describe the facilities used by your company. This can be a retail setting, distributor, wholesalers, etc. Promotional strategy discusses a theme or overall promotional campaign that you might include. For instance, Coca Cola uses “happiness”. Promotional mix should include a thorough description of all elements of the promotional mix that the company will use. Explain why it is included. BUSN319 Week 6 Marketing Plan Rubric Place and Promotion Strategy Possible Points Earned Points Distribution channel: Thoroughly described the complete channel of distribution from “manufacturer” to consumer 7 Facilities: Described facilities or other unique components of the distribution plan (retail, wholesale, distributor) 3 Promotional Strategy: Developed promotional strategy and objectives 5 Promotional Mix: Explained the complete promotional mix include advertising, publicity, sales promotion, personal selling and online marketing 10 Produce an organization chart 3 Produce Gantt Chart 3 Critical success factors: Identify and explain critical success factors for the marketing plan 4 Grammar, solid academic writing style, spelling and minimum length of 2 pages 2 Reference page is included 3 TOTAL 40 Week 7 Build Your Own Marketing Plan This is the final submission of your marketing plan. Use feedback provided by the professor in previous submissions and correct elements as necessary using this rubric as a checklist. BUSN319 Week 7 Marketing Plan Rubric Possible Points Earned Points Table of Contents 10 Executive Summary explaining reason for analysis 5 Company and product description ove/rview included 5 Company mission, goals, competitive advantage, SWOT analysis described thoroughly 10 Environmental factors and trends examined. 10 Industry assessment and estimated market size explained. 10 Target Market Analysis 10 Research data, market product grid and forecasted sales provided with explanations. 10 Product: Product strategy, points of difference, brand, life cycle stage examined. 15 Pricing: Pricing strategy and break even analysis estimated and explained in detail. 15 Distribution (place): Included discussion of distribution channels and intermediaries. 15 Promotion: Developed promotional mix and strategies with rationale. 15 Organizational data-Included organization chart, project plan/Gantt chart and critical success factors. 10 Conclusion 5 Report accumulation-Includes all report elements in submission (see Table of Contents sample provided) 8 Organization and cohesiveness: Used 3rd person and objective voice. Content subdivided into sections using subheadings with overall coherent flow. 9 Documentation and formatting: Appropriate use of APA. Submission included a Title page. Length is a minimum of 4,000-6,000 words. 9 Editing: Submission is free from errors in grammar and spelling. Clear, concise, factual paragraphs 9

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