MFT 5101 The Long Goodbye (((ORIGINAL))) answer

In the video The Long Goodbye: Facing Dementia, Ken, Brenda, and Michael, along with their families, are impacted by dementia. Dementia impacts their family structure, their roles, their interaction patterns, the rules of their relationships (including the balance of togetherness and separateness), changes their homeostatic balances, and so forth.


Your responsibility is to:

review this video and write a 3 to 4 page paper on the families in The Long Goodbye: Facing Dementia.


This paper is not to be a “book report” summary of the video, but is to look at each of these individuals/families.

describe the impact of dementia systemically, describing the changes in family structure, patterns, themes, habits, rules, and other systemic concepts.

  Be sure to utilize (and demonstrate you understand) systemic concepts discussed in the readings.

  Finally, briefly describe one thing you think a systems-informed family therapist might do working with a family impacted by dementia.



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