Mercan Systems Case synopsis, Europe, India, and Brazil Market,

E-book … and easy way to read the case and Ch 10 case.

You may fine e-book easily.

Read the case on Mercan Systems, Inc. page 619 to 633 and answer the following questions:

1. Provide the synopsis of the case

2. Compared to a developed country like the U.S. or Germany, what is different about marketing in a developing country? What is the same?

c. How attractive is the Indian market for home water purifiers?

3. Compare the three modes of market entry available to Mercan Systems, Inc. in India. How do decisions related to marketing mix factor into the comparison among the entry modes?

4.What should Chatterjee recommend to Mercan Systems regarding the market opportunity in India?

Note: you must read ch. 10 to understand the case.

5. You are a marketing manager for medium size company, describethe various methods you are likely suggest to management to select from if the company wants to go global.

6. Describe the sources for a strategic change to the marketing of a business offering.

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