Management and leadership nursing

Management and leadership nursing 1200words

Assignment – Management and Leadership (Nursing)

Write on ONE the following management concepts which you have encountered in the clinical setting.

– Change management

– Conflict management

– Quality management

– Team Work

The content would include:

Introduction (50 words)

– State the intent of your assignment

Description of Clinical Experience (200 words)

– Provide a clear, concise summary of your selected clinical situation (include who, what, where, why and how of the situation)

Theoretical Analysis/Application (600 words)

– Discuss how you would have handled the situation using one of the management concepts

– Literature references need to be clearly specified and applied appropriately.

Implications for Professional Practice and Management (300 words)

– Write a clear, concise analysis of:

– What you learned from this experience?

– How will this benefit you in your career?

– Include an appropriate SNB Code for Nurses and Midwives (2018) that applies to this experience.

Conclusion (50 words)

4. Word limit: 1200 words.

5. APA referencing format

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