Randy Adams is a 38-year-old male patient of Dr. Joseph Reynolds who was admitted yesterday morning for 24-hour observation for mild concussion following a motor vehicle accident. Randy lost consciousness during the accident and was very confused when he arrived in the ER after EMS transport
July 25, 2018
As an advanced practice nurse at a community health clinic, you often treat female (and sometimes male patients) with hormone deficiencies. One of your patients requests that you prescribe supplemental hormones. This poses the questions: How will you determine what kind of treatment to suggest?
July 25, 2018

Management and leadership nursing

Management and leadership nursing 1200words

Assignment – Management and Leadership (Nursing)

Write on ONE the following management concepts which you have encountered in the clinical setting.

– Change management

– Conflict management

– Quality management

– Team Work

The content would include:

Introduction (50 words)

– State the intent of your assignment

Description of Clinical Experience (200 words)

– Provide a clear, concise summary of your selected clinical situation (include who, what, where, why and how of the situation)

Theoretical Analysis/Application (600 words)

– Discuss how you would have handled the situation using one of the management concepts

– Literature references need to be clearly specified and applied appropriately.

Implications for Professional Practice and Management (300 words)

– Write a clear, concise analysis of:

– What you learned from this experience?

– How will this benefit you in your career?

– Include an appropriate SNB Code for Nurses and Midwives (2018) that applies to this experience.

Conclusion (50 words)

4. Word limit: 1200 words.

5. APA referencing format

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