Labeling Children (original answer)

Complexities Related to Labeling Children Review the sections of your course text, “Why Do We Label and Classify Exceptional Children” (pp. 12-14) and the special feature, “Current Issue and Future Trends: What’s in a Name? The Labels and Language of Special Education” (pp. 14-15) Consider these questions as you read: What are the reasons to and benefits or classifying children? What are the drawbacks of labeling? should children ages 0-5 be exempt from labeling? Why or why not with these thought in mind: 1). What makes the practice of labeling children so complicated Cite reference from the text to support your views. 2). In your future work with children and families, how can you promote and model the importance of respecting every child as a unique individual? this material comes from the book Exceptional Children with special needs. Heward William L. (2009)

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