Literature Review (Childhood Obesity)
August 24, 2018
formulate goal statements and strategies for addressing issues, resulting in development and adoption of an interrelated set of strategy statements.
August 24, 2018

Identify the Rights retained by Residents in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF).

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Week #2  (6/11) Regulatory Management

Learning Objectives:

· Identify the Rights retained by Residents in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF).

· Develop an understanding of the focus of regulations on the industry.

· Recognize the vast and varying regulatory issues that may develop in a SNF.

Readings (Suggest reading in order)

· The Effect of State Regulatory Stringency – Mukamel

· Mapping Nursing Home Inspections & Audits – Choiniere

· Survey and Certification memo – CMS

· Appendix PP pgs. 1-84 “Resident Rights.”

· Why the newly defined nursing home regs are vital to residents – Elderlaw

· Sexual Abuse Happens in Healthcare Facilities – Teaster

· Medical Marijuana in ALFs and SNFs – Gosselin

· JAMA – Reducing Excessive Use of Antipsychotics – Gurwitz


This assignment is due on Wednesday June 17th.

1. It is believed that the nursing home industry is the second most regulated industry next to nuclear energy. It is further hypothesized that were it not for all of the regulations, residents of SNFs would receive many more hours of care, suggesting that many hours are wasted on paper compliance as opposed to practical care. Write a 4-page paper speaking to whether you feel the skilled nursing industry is over-regulated, under-regulated, or appropriately regulated. Please support your position with clearly defined potential/real examples and correlations to your argument.

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