Health Care Services

Read and critique or watch one (electronic) news article on health  care delivery in the United States. For example, find an article or news videos that is about or relates to the major historical factors that affected the American healthcare system and describe their relationship to our current system. Or, find an article or about access issues within our current health care system, or the settings in which our health care service are available.

For this assignment, you may use an article that is in the mainstream media. You can do a google search  or search some of the major news websites  for articles or videos. Do not use Wikipedia.

Your initial post (response to the discussion) should include the following:

a) An overview of the article or video. Meaning, what is the basic point of the article or video?

b) Analyze and post your assessment of the article you choose. Example, what does the writer or reporter suggest are the main issues? Do you agree? Why or Why not?

c. Post a link to your article or video. References and or citations are required. You may reference/cite the course required textbook and or other sources you have used; following APA format.

Module Discussion Grading Criteria:

Thoroughly answered the question(s): 50 points are possible. A thorough answer will consist of complete sentences, and will address the question while drawing from the text or other credible source. A post that only has one-two sentences is not thorough and does not earn 50 points. Original post to the discussion question must be posted by Sunday 11:59pm(est) of each week.

Correct APA formatted references: 10 points are possible. Please use your text (when it applies to a discussion) or any other credible reference to support your answers, and be sure to cite your sources correctly, following APA guidelines. 


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