Ethics and Law PowerPoint

Due 07/04/17 at 9:00AM CST

State Governance Structure PowerPoint Assignment

Assignment Guidelines:


  • This assignment will require students to conduct research utilizing the Internet in locating information from state-sponsored websites for public higher education on the governance structure of higher education. (Note: you do ‘not’ have to address ‘private’ colleges or universities in this assignment as the focus is on ‘public’ higher education within various states.

  • Research the structure of Higher Education in your assigned state (NEW YORK) and create a powerpoint presentation detailing how the state structures higher education both among community colleges and 4-year colleges/universities.

    • Be sure to evaluate the state structure in relation to the discussion in chapter 2. Please note whether the state uses a: 1) Governing Board, 2) Coordinating Boards, 3) Planning, Regulatory, and Service Agencies.

  • The powerpoint presentation should be a maximum of 5 slides with a reference slide listing the internet.

  • Each slide should contain a maximum of 7 lines of text.

  • The font size should be 20 or higher to ensure easy readability of the presentation.

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