Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

Write a 4-6 page paper analyzing the development of two different criminal justice systems. Select any two criminal justice systems to examine (do not include the U.S. as one of the choices). Provide a brief description of each country from both a historical and cultural perspective. Then, describe what type of legal tradition is employed by each country (common, civil, socialist, or Islamic), and how the three elements (history, culture, and legal tradition) are applied to the management of justice through the current legal system of the countries under consideration. Try to be specific and provide examples where possible.

The following questions are designed to assist in the structuring of the paper:

 How has culture impacted the development of each system? Has either criminal justice system changed or influenced the culture it serves? What legal issues have had an impact on the development of each system? Did these legal issues impact the culture as well? How has politics played a role in the development of each system?

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