Business Law Research Memorandum (answer attached)

Business Law


Research Memorandum



To complete this assignment, you should apply the principles   Business Law with UCC Applications. Your hypothetical supervisor for this project is a law partner in a small law firm representing a new client. For your project, you’ll first complete some basic research from suggested Web sites. Then, you’ll prepare a memorandum to your supervisor, describing which form of business organization you feel would be best for your client. You’ll also make some suggestions about what the client’s independent contractor agreement needs to contain to be legally enforceable. Your client has also raised some potential ethical concerns which will also need to be considered.



You’re going to prepare a written memorandum to your supervisor to assist him in preparing a presentation for a new business client. In addition to the information provided below, you’ll refer to the general information on business organizations and employer-independent contractor relationships as well as your understanding of business ethics. You’ll also need to do some Internet research. Then, you’ll write your memorandum.



Your goal for this project is to complete a well-written memorandum that addresses two legal issues:

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