analyze the use of the following by various (answer attached)

analyze the use of the following by various companies to describe which operations management principle, concept, or technique may be guiding the design of the process and what the exact benefit is. Several Web sites are provided to be of assistance to supplement the text:

1.A closed track race car pit crew can change tires, fill the gas tank, adjust the suspension, do minor body work, and tune the engine in 17 seconds; however, it can take up to 3 days for the same work to be done at a local garage or auto dealer.
2.Large passenger jets preload luggage into large aluminum containers that are put onto the plane, whereas smaller planes get loaded one bag at a time.
◦Please use the same links as listed in question 1.
◦Hint: Think about when an airline is making money and when its planes are on the ground or in the air.
3.To avoid the obsolete inventory inherent with manufacturing fashion goods, like women’s sweaters, a sweater manufacturer did not add color to the sweaters produced until real orders were in hand, as compared to making them based on a forecast.
4.A large insurance company, which normally takes 3 weeks to handle home casualty claims, sends an RV down to a hurricane site with a small group of people and is able to process claims in 30 minutes.



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