Identify a setting in which health education specialists will practice in the next 5 years to a greater degree than they do today
August 14, 2018
What role does the coalition play in the legislative process?
August 14, 2018

What role does managed care play in health care?

Must have reference. Must develop a question for the class at the end of the writing. Do not forget to include the question or reference.

280-word message in which you answer the following questions:

What role does managed care play in health care? How has this role led to increased racial and economic disparity in health care in the United States?

What are you, as a nurse practitioner, going to do to overcome the limitations as they relate to the health care delivery system that currently exists?

What are the most used modes of health care delivery in the United States? Are these modes affected by racial and economic disparity?

How has managed care influenced the various modes of health care delivery?

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