Two Discussion Questions on Anatomy and Physiology ($5) due Saturday!

Two questions


please cite and reference.


this is not a paper. I need 150 words per question.


no plagarism please. thank you!


Question 1

Jenny, a health young woman, had a battery of tests during a physical for a new job. Her RBC count was at the higher end of the normal range at that time, but four weeks later it was substantially elevated beyond that. When asked if any circumstances had changed in her life, she admitted to taking up smoking. How might her new habit explain her higher RBC count?


Question 2

Mrs. Johnson is brought to the emergency room after being involved in an auto accident. She is hemorrhaging and has a rapid, thready pulse, but her blood pressure is still within normal limits. Any thoughts on how her body’s compensatory mechanisms are acting to maintain her blood pressure in the face of blood loss.

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