Three Problems and Solutions (attachment)

: How much time will it take for a car to slow down from the highway speed of 35 m/s to a residential speed of 13.7 m/s if the brakes provide a deceleration of 4.11 m/s^2? I would appreciate step by step if possible. I really want to understand this and not just know the answer. Thank you so much in advance! Also, there is another problem I am stuck on. Help with it would also be appreciated: A 150 kg ninja is leaping at a pirate with a velocity of 7.3 m/s. The pirate is moving at a velocity of 4.1 m/s. What is the minimum mass of the pirate if it is not affected by the leap of the attacking ninja?? And yeah, my science teacher is a freak :]

Question:This is the question: a car covers a distance of 400 km at a speed of x km/h, and a train covers the same distance at (x + 10) km/h. If the time taken by the car is 10 hours more than the time taken by the train, then the exact answer of x is..? And I’m really quite confused. I’m just having trouble with the first step: getting a reference point and then going on to find the equation. once i have that, i’ll be fine


Question:Alamo Incorporated has a line of credit from the Down South National Bank that is due to be renewed on February 1. Balance Sheet that appear below Alamo Incorporated Income Statement ear Ended December 31 Revenue: Sales $60,000 Other 4,500 Total revenue64,500 Expenses: COGS 40,500 Selling and administrative 11,625 Depreciation and amortization 1,875 Interest expense1,500 Total expenses 55,500 Income before income taxes 9,000 Income taxes 3,600 Net income 5,400 Less: Dividends to C/S ($3.86 per share) 2,550 Net income added to R/E 2,850 Retained earnings, beginning of year 8,550 Retained earnings, end of year $11,400 Earnings per share $8.18 Alamo IncorporatedBalance SheetAs of December 31 (in thousands This YearLast Year Assets Current assets: Cash and marketable securities$ 1,950$1,575 Accounts receivable, net3,6003,750 Inventories4,875 4,650 Prepaid items 375225 Total current assets10,800 10,200 Noncurrent assets: Investments, at cost7,950 7,950 Deposits 750 600 Property, plant, and equipment 21,000 19,500 Total assets $40,500 $38,250 Liabilities and Shareholders Equity Current liabilities: Short-term loans $ 1,650 $ 1,800 Accounts payable 5,400 5,325 Salaries and wages payable 1,950 2,025 Total current liabilities 9,000 9,150 Long-term debt 12,000 12,825 Total liabilities 21,000 21,975 Shareholders equity: Common stock, at par 3,3003,150 Paid-in capital in excess of par 4,8004,575 Total paid-in capital8,1007,725 Retained earnings 11,400 8,550 Total shareholders equity 19,500 16,275 Total liabilities and s/e $40,500 $38,250 The bank has also requested that Alamo calculate a number of financial ratios. Alamo s financial ratios have not yet been calculated for this year, but the company’s accounting staff has gathered the following industry averages for the ratios from various sources. Industry Averages Return on total assets 6.4% Return on common shareholders equity12.5% Current ratio1.86:1 Acid-test (quick) ratio 0.85:1 Debt-to-equity ratio 1.23:1 Times interest earned ratio 7.78:1 Dividend payout ratio 39.6% Calculate via formula the following financial ratios for this year for Billy Bob 1. Return on total assets 2. Return on common stockholders’ equity 3. Current ratio 4. Acid-test (quick) ratio. 5. Debt-to-equity ratio 6. Times interest earned 7. Dividend payout ratio

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