what part of the brain is responsible for remembering the important information that will be on the exam?
August 15, 2018
explain how the development of your own personal theoretical orientation in school counseling can also contribute to becoming a scholar-practitioner who effects positive social change
August 15, 2018

share which approach you would use to train your team in using the new software

Week 6 Discussion Question PSY

Congratulations! You’ve been promoted to be a new training manager for your department. Your first task is to train your team to use some new software. In your psychology class, you learned about two different approaches to learning 1.) Operant conditioning; 2.) Observational learning.

In your discussion post, share which approach you would use to train your team in using the new software. Be sure to use EITHER operant conditioning OR observational learning. In general (just a few sentences), describe what your training would be like based on the approach. Why do you think that approach will successfully teach your team to use the new software?

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