science questions

I need a full paragraph for each question! Please use references




#2: Under what conditions might grazing cattle be sustainable when growing wheat is not? Under what conditions might a herd of bison provide a sustainable supply of meat when cows might now?

#4: Pick one of the nations in Africa that has a major food shortage. Design a program to increase its food production. Discuss how reliable that program might be given the uncertainties that nation faces.

#5: Should genetically modified crops be considered acceptable for “organic” farming?

#6: You are about to buy your mother a bouquet of 12 roses for Mother’s Day, but you discover that the roses were genetically modified to give them a more brilliant color and to produce a natural pesticide through genetic energy. Do you buy the flowers? Explain and justify your answer based on the material presented in this chapter.

#7: A city garbage dumb is filled, and it is suggested that the area be turned into a farm. What factors in the dump might make it a good area to farm, and what might make it a poor area to farm?

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