Prof Maurice

Unit VI Scholarly Activity

For this assignment, you will go to the CSU Online Library and use the Academic Search Complete database to research a topic related to human rights. In addition, once you pick your topic, you may want to do online research to find additional information; however, this is not required.

Here are some examples that that you can use:

 prisoner rights,

 death penalty,

 poverty,

 women’s rights, or

 LGBT rights.

Research your topic and discover the issues. Describe these in a few paragraphs, starting each new response with the question it addresses:

 Where is your topic most relevant in 2014?

 Who is most affected by the topic?

 Apply the sociological perspectives on stratification to explain how social class and stratification affect your topic.

 What are some projects in place that will address the problem (suggest one if none exist yet)?

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