Problems Empire State College, Pew Research, Cases

problem 1: Empire State College would like to know more about the age distribution of its online statistics students.
Do the data provide evidence that the mean age is not 30 years?

Problem 2: Pew Research says that 53% of American adults call themselves middle class.  
The sample size was n=2413.
How confident are you that between 51% and 55% of Americans call themselves middle class?
How likely is it that more than 55% call themselves middle class?

Problem 3: Some have suggested that a higher proportion of women than men under 35 use online education because they can combine online education with childcare.
Do the ESC online statistics students offer any insight into that question?
You must do a test of significance to answer this question.

Problem 4: Is there evidence that more than half the online statistics students are over 30?

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