AHRQ Study Examines Effectiveness of Measures To Control Blood Sugar
August 24, 2018
 Describe David Pinder’s background. What influence did his background have on his leadership style?
August 24, 2018

Preventing Pressure Ulcers

Nursing homework help

Building upon the outline created for the Topic 3 assignment (Educational Program on Risk Management Part One: Outline of Topic), you will develop a 20-25 slide PowerPoint presentation to expand in further detail upon the risk management element you chose in Topic 3.

To successfully complete this assignment, include the following sections as per your outline from Topic 2. Include any additional sections you identified in your outline, as well:

1. Introduction

2. Objectives

3. Rationale

4. Supportive Data

5. Implementation Strategies

6. Evaluation Strategies

7. Challenges and Opportunities

For this, I only need 4-5 slides, my part is introduction and objective, this is in reference to the ulcer prevention, I will have attached it. And please in text citation and references is required and speaker note. Don’t do from 3- 7. It is not my part.

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