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analyze the CDC Six Step Framework for Program Evaluation.

Submit a brief PowerPoint presentation discussing the elements of the CDC framework, and analyze the relevance of this model in health education program evaluation. You may include relevant images to enhance the presentation. You are expected to address each of the following components:Elements of the frameworkSteps in Evaluation Practice (define and describe all six steps)Standards for Effective Evaluation (define and describe all four standards)Explanation of the model – how does it work? How do we use this model (and others like it) to evaluate health education programs?Explain how this model can be used in a real world setting.What are the framework’s drawback and what are its strengths?What would you change about this model? If you would not change anything, supply adequate reason for why.

Your completed assignment should include 8-10 slides (with comprehensive speaker notes) and should follow APA guidelines.

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