Need 2 questions answered

Minimal od 200 words for each, original work and reference


1. Most people who develop breast cancer do not have a known family history of the disease. However, approximately 7% of breast cancers are associated with the dominant breast cancer susceptibility genes BRCA1, located on chromosome 17, andBRCA2, located on chromosome 13. The BRCA1 gene is also associated with an increased probability of ovarian cancer. However, not all people who have these genes develop cancer. Explain why.

Don’t forget your APA reference.


 2. Willie B. Coffin has smoked for years. In the past few months, mucus has accumulated in his lungs and he coughs often. A tissue sample (biopsy) taken from the lower portion of his trachea indicated that stratified squamous epithelium has replaced the normal pseudostratified columnar epithelium lining the trachea. Willie’s physician explained that he has bronchitis, inflammation of the respiratory passages, caused by smoking. As a result, some of the normal epithelium of the large respiratory passageways has been converted to stratified squamous epithelium. Explain why mucus has accumulated in Willie’s lungs to a greater degree than normal.

Please remember your APA reference.

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