Medical Report (answer attached)

Resources: Sample medical
records on pp. 142–144, 196, & 261–263; and Associate Level Material:
Medical Report




Refer to the samples of
medical records reports on pp. 142–144, 196, & 261–263.




Refer to the medical
records sample and template in Associate Level Material: Medical




Create three medical record
reports, one for each chapter, that you would use as a health care administrator
to hire and train new staff.



Prospective hires will be asked to read and interpret
the records you provide along with a set of questions you have developed. The
goal is to develop a document where prospective hires can demonstrate their
knowledge of medical terminology. Your medical
records should include the following elements:




o    History of
present illness


o    Past medical


o    Physical


o    Laboratory data
or screening procedures


o    Impressions and




Include a minimum of 10
medical words and two questions for each report.




Cite a minimum of two
sources other than the text. Additional references may be reliable resources
retrieved from the University Library, the Internet, or elsewhere.


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