Identify resources that you would give the patient (websites, handout, etc.) that focus on the intervention Slide 9: Identify one evaluation method for your intervention

Prepare a patient teaching plan for your participant based on the information you discovered in your previous assignments. Present your plan using Microsoft PowerPoint.
• Title slide (first slide): Include a title slide with your name and title of the presentation.
• Introduction/Identification (two to three slides): Introduce a modifiable risk factor (diet, smoking, activity, etc.) that will be the focus of your presentation.
o Identify at least one important finding you discovered in Milestone 1 that is associated with this risk factor.
o Explain how this places your adult participant at increased risk for developing a preventable disease (obesity, Type II Diabetes, etc.), which is described.
o List short and long-term goals.
• Intervention (four to five slides): Choose one evidence-based intervention related to the modifiable risk factor chosen that has been shown to be effective at reducing an individual’s risk for developing the preventable disease.
o Describe the intervention in detail.
o Provide rationale to support the use of this intervention. Support your rationale with information obtained from one scholarly source as well as Healthy People 2020 ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.). Include any additional resources (websites, handouts, etc.) that you will share with your adult participant, if applicable.
• Evaluation (three to four slides): Describe at least one evaluation method that you would use to determine whether your intervention is effective. Outcome measurement is a crucial piece when implementing interventions.
o Describe at least one method (weight, lab values, activity logs, etc.) you would use to evaluate whether your intervention was effective.
o Describe the desired outcomes you would track that would show whether your intervention is working.
o Include additional steps to be considered if your plan proved to be unsuccessful.
• Summary (one to two slides): Reiterate the main points of the presentation and conclude with what you are hoping to accomplish as a result of implementing the chosen intervention.
• References (last slide): List the references for sources that were cited in the presentation.
• Speaker notes: Share in detail how you would verbalize the content on each of the slides to the patient.
Remember, you are creating a patient teaching plan so be sure to include terms easily understood by the general population and limit your use of medical jargon. Slides should include the most important elements for them to know in short bullet-pointed phrases. You may add additional comments in the notes section to clarify information for your instructor.

I hope your week has been off to a great start so far! By now, everyone should be back on track and submitting per established deadlines.
As I’m sure you are aware, we have our final project due at the end of this week. In an effort to assist you, I thought I would give you a brief overview of what I am looking for to get you started. To begin, you will need to first identify a health concern for your participant. Perhaps they are obese with a family history of coronary artery disease. In this instance, their modifiable risk factor to focus on would be their weight. So, your PowerPoint would be laid out like this:
Slide 1: title page
Slide 2: Identify the risk factor and how it relates to findings from your assessment (obesity)
Slide 3: Explain how obesity places your patient at increased risk for a disease (CAD)
Slide 4: List short and long-term goals for your patient (diet, exercise etc.)
Slide 5: Choose an evidenced-based intervention related to the risk factor proven to be effective and describe it in detail (diet modification)
Slide 6: Provide the rationale for the intervention (decreased caloric intake)
Slide 7: Support the rationale with information from 1 scholarly resource AND Healthy People
Slide 8: Identify resources that you would give the patient (websites, handout, etc.) that focus on the intervention
Slide 9: Identify one evaluation method for your intervention
Slide 10: Explain how you would evaluate the intervention (weight, measurements, BMI)
Slide 11: Describe desired outcomes you would track to see if your plan was working
Slide 12: Describe additional steps you would take if the plan proved to be unsuccessful.
Slide 13: Summary of key points: reiterate main points of presentation
Slide 14: Summary of key points: explain what you hope to accomplish with implementing the intervention identified in the presentation.
Slide 15: resources used in the PowerPoint
Remember that each of your slides should only have 4 or 5 bullet points with the main ideas highlighted. Down at the bottom of each slide, in the notes area, put all the information that you would include if you were discussing this with the patient.

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