Health Care Job Analysis

Case study of John Hopkins Hospital Choose a position which is sexual harassment.

As a manager, you are either redesigning or adding a new position within your organization, remembering to take into consideration the legislative and regulatory environment of hiring.

Prepare a 1,000-word paper describing the position (responsibilities, roles, credentials, licenses, etc.), how it fits into the organization, and how you, as a hiring manager for a department, would evaluate the potential candidates.

A job description for that position, including Position Title, Supervisory duties, Immediate Supervisor’s Title, Job Description, Job Specific Duties and Responsibilities, Qualifications, Credentials/Licenses/Degrees, Physical Requirements, etc.

Develop a Pro Forma for the position (e.g., coding would have number of charts to code and the specialty such as Cardiology Specialties vs. Primary Care Specialties; physicians would be able to see a certain amount of patients per day; rheumatologists would have visits, space, and drug/pharmaceutical costs).


1043 Words

6 Sources

APA Format

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