HCS323 Final Paper

Final Paper

Given the multi-faceted and complex nature of health promotion and wellness measures needed to sustain us across our lifespan, this assignment challenges students to describe the dimensions of health as they relate to each of the following developmental stages: Infant and toddler development Early childhood development Adolescent development Adult development Later adulthood development

In the format of an eight- to- ten page paper (excluding title and reference pages), describe developmental changes that influence our health during the aforementioned life stages. In addressing each of these stages, respond to the following questions:

1.     What biological,ecological-social, psychological (including cognition and emotion) and moral/ spiritual developmental changes are occurring at this stage?

2.     What factors positively and negatively influence our health at this stage?

3.     What major health risks do we face at this stage?

What health promotion and behavioral change strategies and interventions are needed to keep us healthy at this stage?

After addressing each of these questions for all five stages, provide overall recommendations to increase life expectancy and improve health and wellness throughout the lifespan. Recommendations should be specific and comprehensive, and include useful strategies for prevention and behavioral change.

The Final Paper should build upon the concepts learned in Weeks One through Five.  The assignment must include at least six- to- eight sources to support your analysis.


2035 Words

8 Sources

APA Format

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