Gantt Chart Review

Nursing homework help

  1. Choose at least 5-10 activities that you would like to plan for you project. Map these activities out on the Gantt Chart.
  2. Estimate the length of time needed to complete each planned activity.
  3. Write at least one paragraph that states how you may show the “actual” time spent on each activity. *All dates and time projections are fictional.
  • All dates have to be before June 17tt
  • Sheet1

    GANTT Chart January February March April May June July August September October November December
    1. Visit all homes in Plainfield area to get the data on the number of special needs children in the area.
    2. Find an appropriate location for the childcare center based on cost and accessibility.
    3. Plan a budget for the items required to set up the childcare center.
    4. Seek financial help from NGOs and government organizations.
    5. Setup the childcare center and furnish it as required.
    6. Open tender applications for food and clothing suppliers.
    7. Select the best suppliers regarding prices and convenience.
    8. Get the best medical practitioners for the health department.
    9. Employ personnel for cooking and caring for the children.
    10. Open the center for bussiness on June 17,2018 .
    Key Proposed Time Actual Time Task Completed (X)
    1 1 week
    2 2 weeks
    3 1 week
    4 3 weeks
    5 2 weeks
    6 2 weeks
    7 1 week
    8 2 weeks
    9 2 weeks
    10 2 months

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