My assignments are one discussion board  i attach all the materials that you need. around 10 documents. i want to make sure that you get all the information before i log out.

Encouraging Appropriate Behavior

This Case Study Unit outlines positive behavior management techniques that can be employed with individual students who have behavioral concerns that are not effectively addressed by comprehensive classroom rules.

For this discussion, course mates will complete the following:

EDU400/EDU500 course mates with an elementary education focus

  1. Read the Introduction
  2. Complete Level A Case 2 (Heather Age: 8.1 Grade: 3rd) Review the possible strategies for this case and complete the Assignment

and the second one is summarize the important points in the article called”The Ups and Downs of 3rd Grade”.

i want from you please use simple sentences and word and use Apa format.

an addition materials/

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