Evidence-Based-Practice Proposal

Problem, Purpose, and the Question (Due in Module 1)

i) Problem and Purpose

(1) Think about what you have learned with regard to the five critical steps of evidenced-based practice.

(2) In a formal paper of no more than 500 words:

(a) Identify and describe one topic that may resolve a patient-care-quality problem or issue.

(b) Draft a possible problem statement

(3) Describe a problem, explain why it is a problem, and why it is significant to your discipline; gathering the literature as support for why this is a problem in relationship to your practice

(4) The problem should focus on the resolution of an issue or problem significant to improving patient care.

(5) Draft a purpose statement in relationship to your problem statement that states what you hope to accomplish if you implemented this project

ii) Defining a Searchable, Answerable Question

(1) From what you wrote about your problem and purpose, write a question that will be the basis for your implementation plan. Word count is not relative in this section.

(2) The background should include the students’ research question in a PICO format

(3) Include evidence-based resources.

iii) Use APA format including a title page, introduction, and conclusion. An abstract is not required. Cite in-text and in the References section

iv) Submit the formal paper and the question to your instructor by the end of Module 1 on Sunday, December 11th before midnight.

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