Analysis of an Age Related Topic
August 24, 2018
What could be the causes of this tingling sensation?
August 24, 2018

Disease Surveillance System with HIV/AIDS in lower income communities

Nursing homework help

Due 6/3  7 p.m EST

2 pages APA format not including reference page (min 4)

Topic: Disease Surveillance System with HIV/AIDS in lower income communities)

Disease surveillance is an essential part of public health. It provides valuable information to public health officials, allowing them to detect and prevent the spread of disease. In your Scholar-Practitioner Project, you create a disease surveillance system to monitor a disease or condition (HIV in lower income communities)

you write a 2pg paper analyzing the influence that specific historical events have had in the evolution of disease surveillance systems. In addition, you forecast the next phase(s) in disease surveillance and explain how the changes that you predict will impact public health policy and practice

Scholar-Practitioner Project: Disease Surveillance System

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