Discuss the industry 5 forces for Adobe

It is important for strategic managers to understand how the general environment, industry environment, and competitor environment is changing so that they can identify relevant threats and opportunities amidst this change. This discussion puts you in the place of a strategic manager and the subsequent discussion on the Adobe Systems Incorporated case forces you to consider actual threats facing the company.

Discuss the industry 5 forces for Adobe.

Discuss the competitors for Adobe. What are the key success factors for retailers (if you were running one of these organizations, what would you have to do well to succeed)? How do these key success factors affect competition? What key metrics would you use to diagnose performance among competitors?

What general environmental elements created potential threats/problems for Adobe?

What did Adobe do to create its own problems?

Do the key success factors affect how Adobe should approach the resolution of these problems? For example, does it want to focus on innovation or cost reach greater market share?

How should Adobe respond to these problems?


Discuss the industry 5 forces for Adobe.

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