Discuss the importance of emergency management planning in a SNF.

Nursing Assignment
Week #6 (7/09) Environmental Management

Learning Objectives:

· Discuss the importance of emergency management planning in a SNF.

· Describing different challenges that may be encountered during a disaster.

· Explain the role of a SNF environment as it relates to care.

· Understand the cost and importance of being prepared for disaster.

· Recognizing different risks and exposures to the patients.


· A Comparative study of laws, rules and codes … – Brown

· A comparison of heat wave response plans … – Thomas

· State Operations Manual

· Best Practices for LTC Evacuation – Pandolfo

· Miss Kimberley’s Decision

· Fires in Nursing Homes – Sheridan

· Florida’s model of Medicaid reimbursement for Disaster related expenses – Thomas

· CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule Presentation

· Improving nursing home care for dementia – Is environment the answer?

· Nursing Home Evacuations turn medication reconciliation into Emergencies


These assignments are due on Wednesday July 17th.

1. Write a 4 page paper describing the varying challenges that may exist during a nursing home disaster.

2. Write a 1 page summary of why you would or would not evacuate a SNF?

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