Discuss the Mr. Payne’s history that would be pertinent to his genitourinary problem.
August 20, 2018
What parts of the lawmaking process does a nurse have an opportunity to influence the final bill passage?
August 20, 2018

Discuss the development aspects related to standardization, uniqueness, and testing measures.

You need to submit this week’s assignment through TurnItIn to check for originality of the paper. As a reminder, submit BOTH the paper and TurnItIn originality/similarity report transcript to your instructor.  Do not submit a paper and TurnItIn report to your instructor if it is over 20% similarity.


Any assignment/paper with a similarity score of more than 20% WILL NOT be accepted. You MUST re-write the paper and paraphrase it until you get a score of 20% or less. In my experience, majority of assignments score less than 6% and the remaining between 6-10%. You can always submit your work to the library or turnitin draft for checking before submitting for grading. Then you need to upload your turnitin report to the course, no assignment will be graded if this step is not completed.


Assignment Description: You will be required to conduct analysis of a technology/system application and write a formal paper. The analysis need to be of an application technology used in either (a) a clinical setting for managing health data, patient care, etc or (b) educational setting for improvement of teaching and learning of students, patients, etc. The Technology Application Analysis will be an independent activity for each student to be completed using resources available in your agency, IT department, on the internet, sales materials and/or brochures, and publications. The assignment is due by the end of week #6.


The Technology Application Analysis project and formal paper will need to address the following aspects:



• Assess an information system or Technology used in a health care setting or educational setting and provide brief description. (For example meet with members of the information system (IS) department and Nursing Informatics department in a clinical facility, simulation lab, or academic setting). The assessment should include a description of the organization, details about the system used, system users, and an analysis of the information system.  o What system is used o Description of the Setting and Who will use the technology or system o Description of the patient/client population to be served o What are the benefits of the system o What are the strengths and weaknesses of the current system o What implementation challenges exists for the system. o What kind of training requirement and how easy its usability-include time required, content outline for training and identification of who should conduct the training. o Who are the individuals involved in the use of this technology/system (nurses, physicians, pharmacists, educators, QA&QC department etc…). o How would you evaluation of the effectiveness of the technology o Possible disruption or impact of implementation on usual work of the patient care setting  o How does the application of the technology/system affect quality and safety?

• Synthesize your information with support from literature (at least 5 scholarly references).  • Discuss the development aspects related to standardization, uniqueness, and testing measures.  • Utilize concepts of information, organizational, and change theories in the strategies to analyze, design, implement, and evaluate the project. • Limit the paper to five-six pages excluding the reference and appendices pages, using APA format. Writing style is at a graduate level.

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