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August 24, 2018
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Describe the pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, evaluation and management of common diseases and disorders

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Chamberlain College of Nursing NR 283 Pathophysiology

Concept Map Guidelines


This assignment assists students in understanding the relationship between the pathophysiology of a disease process and its clinical presentation and treatment. The concept map allows students to indicate related pathophysiology and disease treatment.


This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

CO1: Describe the pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, evaluation and management of common diseases and disorders. (PO1, 2)

CO2: Relate factors that influence the pathogenesis and clinical manifestation of diseases and disorders including lifespan, ethnicity, culture, environment, and socioeconomic status. (PO1, 2)

CO3: Explain the nurse’s role in the evaluation and management of selected diseases and disorders. (PO6, 7)

DUE DATE: See course calendar for exact dates.


1. Your Instructor will provide you with two disease pathologies covered in this course. Research the two disease processes using a minimum of 2 professional journal articles in addition to your textbook.

2. Create a concept map for each of the two disease pathologies provided by your instructor. Using Word or PowerPoint. If you wish to use another format, be sure you get it approved by your instructor PRIOR to creating it. Use position, color, arrows and other connectors to show relationships between the required elements in the Grading Criteria. Because this is a concept map and not text-based paper, APA style cannot apply so citations are not required. However, include APA style to reference page on the last slide of the PowerPoint Presentation.

3. Compare and Contrast the two disease pathologies covered in this course being sure to include the evaluation criteria described below. Save and upload your assignment on time.

4. Prepare a three to five minute presentation using PowerPoint to present your concept maps to be presented to your peers in class (see course calendar). Other methods of presentation may be acceptable; get prior approval from your instructor.

5. Focus your presentation on the relationships between the elements and not just “reading the map”.

6. You score for this assignment will be a total of the points earned on the concept map and the presentation.

NR 283 Concept Map Guidelines.pdf Revised 04/14/2018 1

Chamberlain College of Nursing NR 283 Pathophysiology

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