1.Research the International space station and describe its fuction in at least 2 paragraphs.

1.        Research the international space station and describe its function in at least 2 paragraphs.

  In other words, answer:

a)       Where is it?

b)       What is it?

c)        Who is currently on it?

d)       Who ‘owns’ it or owns which parts of it?

e)       List 3 experiments that are being done or have been done on the station.


2.        Go to http://www.nasa.gov    Click on news and write one paragraph about any news article under that section.


3.        Go to http://www.nasa.gov   In the search box, type Wallops Flight Facility.  Where this facility and what is its primary function?


4.        Go to http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ click on the tab that says “ ABOUT SETI at HOME”.     You will see two sections of blue colored links.  In the FIRST section, click on the link that says “SCIENCE LINKS”.    You will then see a whole page of different links. Click on any link and write at least one paragraph about the link’s content.    Feel free to poke around and explore several links : )


5.        Go to www.jlab.org .  What does this laboratory do?  Where is it located? Please look around the site and tell me about one topic you selected to read or watch.


6.        Go to http://nineplanets.org/ and select one planet.  Write one-two paragraphs about the planet you selected.


7.        Which article summary of your classmates, from either discussion board summary #1  discussion board summary #2 , sticks out in your mind and why?







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